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Granddaughter baked a cake last night
And topped it today with candlelight
Then asked the children to come near
She had a story for them to hear

A story about a Holy birth
When God sent His Son to earth
This is our Savior’s special day
She said, as they bowed heads to pray

There’d be no Christmas on this earth
Without our precious Savior’s birth
Let’s not forget God’s gift to man
And honor Him, whenever we can

The children then blew out the flame,
As they sang praises in His name.
Happy Birthday, Jesus, they sang out
In their efforts to be devout

I’m sure God smiled when He heard them sing
Pleased that they were remembering

12/15/89 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

Written for the Cory family (Sharon and boys)

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Hang the bells and sprigs of holly

Trim the tree with lights and snow

Pin the stockings on the mantle

Hang a bit of mistletoe


Wrap some gifts in colored tissue

Tie them well with cords of red

Place a candle in the window

Tuck the children into bed


Bake some cookies shaped like Santa

Frost them all in red and white

Make some pies for the dinner

Keep the hearth fires burning bright


Finish all the preparations

Making sure all is done

Bow your head and give HIM thanks . . .



12/16/92       Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


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My Muse

  A CANDLE AND MY MUSEcandle-small


Oh, little candle that shed light

Cutting through the darkened night

Your wick was hugged in yellow flame

With tongues of scarlet licking same


Your melting heart ran down your side

In rivulets you could not hide

You lit my space with your display

Before your time had passed away


You’re now a puddle in a dish

But not before I got my wish

To have a little bit of light

So I could think a bit, and write


Here’s thanks to you, once waxy rod

I wrote before my head did nod

And as your small flame flickered low

This poem was birthed within its glow


9/21/03          Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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