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Right where we live




I often have a yearning

          To leave my chores behind

To commune with Mother Nature

          And let my tensions unwind


To relax before a campfire

          And watch the embers glow

To smell the fragrant piney scent

          As the fire burns low


To hear the water whispering

          While caressing the shore

To hear the chorused night sounds

          From nature’s open door


With a full moon shining brightly

          To light the forest trail

Sending flirty little moonbeams

          To kiss the hill and vale


To watch heaven’s jewels winking

          As the forest creatures play

While the evening’s gentle breezes

          Wash away the heat of day


Oh, the sweet fulfilled awareness

          As my senses give birth

To the beauty that surrounds me

          On God’s most precious earth


5/17/64          Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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