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What was it that I saw?
A bird fluttering to the ground?
No, just a leaf that released its hold.
But, oh, what a leaf, to deceive
my aging eyes.
I should have known,
with such pungent scent in the air.
Burning leaves casting their aroma
on the gentle breeze that tickles
the hair on my arms.

What was it that I heard?
The wings of a bumblebee?
A faint hum, unlike the hurried
buzz when touring my garden’s bouquet.
I feel the fan of his tiny wings
as he lights upon my arm
to investigate my perfume.
He spreads tired wings to the sun,
then after a few false starts
he soars off in his last flight.

What is that fragrance wafting by
on a current of autumn air?
Sweet and beckoning.
Brilliant carmine jewels
hanging from bare umber arms.
Their succulent sweetness teasing
me to bite into their aromatic
jackets. A rivulet of juice slips
over my lips, as my pallet is bathed
in rich drops of nectar.

Autumn, seducing my senses.

4/28/96 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Acorns crunching underfoot

Chevroned geese on high

Squirrel’s hiding hickory nuts

Summer’s soft goodbye

Autumn colors splashing leaves

Air a smoky haze

Pungent smell of burning leaves

Fall’s balmy days

Corn-stalks flapping weary arms

Stubbled fields of grain

Evening crispness in the air

Cold drops of rain

Crisp leaves dancing on my lawn

Caught by sudden breeze

Pumpkin jewels dotting fields

Sluggish bumblebees

Raucous blue jays scolding

Robins disappear

It’s the year’s early evening

Indian Summer’s here


10/5/88          Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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