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Deserted farmhouse


     moans and groans in night-time breeze


          ghosts from yesteryear



2/16/03                      Phyllis VanVleck

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Falls color



Fall leaves, ablaze with color,

release their sad desperate hold

and pirouette to the ground.

Now joining their brothers

on a wind-swept lawn, they cavort

in a brisk dance of death; breezes

singing their funeral dirge.


8/28/90    Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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The Dance of Fall

              THE LAST DANCE


This, too,

      bespeaks an end …

            leaves flutter to the ground

                  and caught by a breeze, do their dance

                        of death.



8/2/89                               Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


2’nd … Arkansas NPD – 2000

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In my mind’s book of memories

There are pages where I file,

Things that touch my heart and soul

And things that make me smile.


One page holds the fluted song

Trilled by a meadowlark.

Another holds the silvery light

Of moonbeams in the dark.


There’s one of sweet baby smiles

And one, a mother’s love.

Another holds morning sun,

One, stardust from above.


There’s a page full of laughter

And one of blossomed trees.

A rainbow fills another page

And one, a summer breeze.


Others hold such poignant things

As tears of joy once shed,

The sound of rippling from a brook,

And smell of gingerbread.


There’s one of lovely carillons

With Hymns and melodies

Next to it are hopes and dreams

And one of fantasies.


There is no end of things to add

From life in every stage

And as they touch my heart and soul

They’re added to a page


When I am old, years from now,

Each day I’ll take a look

At all the wonders held within

My memory’s treasured book.


3/8/92              Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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At the end of the day

            When the sun’s last ray

                        Is just a sliver of light

Darkness starts to descend

            To signal day’s end

                        And the earth nods into night


Day’s fragrance is rent

            By night’s earthly scent

                        Daylight beds down with a yawn

As dusk takes away

            The heat of the day

                        The curtain of night is drawn


Heaven’s jewels wink down

            From their heavenly crown

                        The landscape’s kissed by the moon

While the frogs and bugs

            On their lily pad rugs

                        Compose a melodious tune


Fireflies wing by

            As the breeze gives a sigh

                        Birds settle down for the night

While an owl in a tree

            Winks flirtatiously

                        Then spreads his wings in flight


A cloud in the sky

            Drifts lazily by

                        And then it shadows the moon

That strange mournful plea

            Near a lakeside tree

                        Is just the call of a loon


Like strings of wee beads

            On webs in the weeds

                        Dew jewels silken threads

Flowers here and there

            Bow crowns as in prayer

                        Nodding their beautiful heads


As night settles down

            She puts on her gown

                        To cloak earth’s sleepy breast

For it’s part of God’s plan

            And a blessing to man

                        That we’re given this time of rest


6/23/72        Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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To An Old Friend



While walking down a garden path,

a gentle breeze at play

cast lilac scent to fill the air.

            I thought of you today.

I heard a nest of fledglings

in a chorused display

and saw the mother’s tender care.

            I thought of you today.

I was kissed by the summer sun;

it chased the gloom away

and brought back memories of your smile.

            I thought of you today.

I saw a mother with her child,

and I watched them at play.

It took me back into the past.

            I thought of you today.

My mind was filled with acts of love,

in beautiful array.

Fond memories overwhelmed me when,

            I thought of you today.



4/21/91  – Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


4’th … Indiana NPD 1994

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