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Ode To The Letter Z

I list my poetry as A to Z
And that has finally challenged me
I don’t have poems that start with Z
Glance through my list, and you’ll agree

It shouldn’t be hard to add a Z
Books have two pages, offered free
With my twenty words that rhyme with Z
I could write a poem, easily

There’s Zebra listed under Z
Zipper, Zircon, and Zoology
They all start with the letter Z
But rhyming them is fantasy

I think I’m trapped with the E in Z
So will not offer this to thee
As a poem written for a Z
I’ll try again, when it troubles me.

Aug., 13. 2009 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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My Lists

         MY LISTS


I have a list of things to do

And lists of what comes next

A list of books to read someday

And lists of certain text


And then there’s lists of what to take

On our next camping trip

A list of mending to be done

Like jeans that have a rip


There’s grocery lists and repair lists

And lists so old they fade

There’s even one reminding me

To check the lists I’ve made


I don’t forget to make my lists

As I have my morning cup

But, woe is me, once they’re made

I never pick them up


8/4/00             Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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