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Relentless howling storm



It started with relentless wind

Which built to howl and moan

As bushes thrashed in cold protest

Old buildings seemed to groan

Like crazed banshees, the wind then screamed

And twisted tree limbs ’round

Until they tore from sockets

And were thrown upon the ground


But dawn saw winds losing strength

And finally they would cease

Replaced by steady fall of snow

To blanket last night’s freeze

The change brought awesome quiet

And a scene painted white

Like huge drop-cloths thrown upon

Destruction of the night


And last night’s fallen tree limbs

Poked antlers through the mounds

That built around their broken bones

And muffled all the sounds

From giant tree to lowly bush

Each limb now bent its back

So laden by their new white coats

One feared their spines might crack


And here and there desperate leaves

That had refused to drop

Poked noses from white blankets

And wished the snow would stop

But I saw beauty everywhere

Though transient it may be

For soon the sun would join the game

And a melt-down’s what I’d see


But they’ll return with timeless games

(The sun, the snow, the breeze)

And mock us with their fickleness

In nature’s game of tease



12/18/92        Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Chills and fever rack my bones

I’ve tangled with a germ

And though I’ve tried to kill it

This cold is holding firm


I sit here wrapped in blankets

As I cough, gasp, and wheeze

Polluting everything in sight

With every mammoth sneeze


I’ve gargled salt until my lips

Are crusted with white brine

I’ve nasal sprayed hourly

This sore red nose of mine


There’s piles of soiled tissue

So I guess I must suppose

That my brain has turned to water

And it’s dripping out my nose


I’ve tried some Vicks upon my chest

A compress on my head

Cough syrup deemed disgusting

And honey on my bread


Gulped pills and vile potions

I’ve tried them all, you see

Even tent of misty steam

But a cure’s a fantasy


I’m here to say not one thing worked

And what I say is true

Head colds are so horrendous

I should sue! … Wouldn’t you


4/25/96 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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