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Mama Declares War


Run outside or hold your breath
Mama’s gonna put some germs to death
Look out, you all – get out, I say
Mama and her Clorox are on the way

I smell it comin’, even outdoors
It stings your eyes and opens your pores
She’ll scrub the floors and fixtures, too
Everything is Cloroxed before she’s through

Look out, germs, her Clorox spray
Will sear your lungs this very day
Mama’s got germ killin’ on her mind
Better find a tree to get behind

My eyes are watering, I’m gasping air
Mama’s killin’ germs just everywhere
Warning!, Sis and little Bro
Don’t breath deep if you want to grow

Mama kills germs from ceiling to floor
When she and Clorox join in war
There’s no germs livin’, I swear it’s true
Mama killed ‘em all in a mile or two

Next time watch for that gleam in her eye
Or you’ll be sorry – you want to know why?
She’ll dump a lot in your nightly tub
And you’ll get bleached from a Clorox scrub

If you want a long life on germ killin’ day
You better stay out of Mama’s way
Run outside. Take a big book
When Mama’s wearin’ that Clorox look

8/11/04 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

3’rd Place – Mo. State Poetry Society – 2004

Note … Thanks to Diann Guidry’s

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