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Mom, there’s something that is troubling me

Something that surely should not be

A new boy came to school today

And only I, joined him to play


Kids call him names, to pick a fight

Because he’s black instead of white

I don’t understand the way they think

Don’t we all have a common link


People are black and white and red

And even yellow, it’s been said

What’s important, is heart and soul

And everybody fills that role


We’re all just bodies wrapped in skin

The color God chose, carries no sin

Judge man for what he is inside

For prejudice is just false pride


The color of skin, eyes, and hair

Are just facets of the shell we wear

And underneath, hue has no name

For God made all of us, just the same


Tell the others how things should be

Tell them about equality

Tell them that black is beautiful, too

And it’s wrong to judge because of hue


I hope he feels the way I do

That my color’s unimportant, too

For I love his personality

And I hope that’s how he judges me


I’ll stand tall beside my friend

Hoping prejudice sees an end

But if it doesn’t, I’ll still be proud

To call him friend in any crowd


12/15/96        Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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