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My tidy desk



This is the room where-in I write

I know you think it’s quite a sight

You look askance at all the piles

But those are what I call my files


I sure get chided for this mess

What’s underneath, I cannot guess

But I can’t write without them near

And it’s up to me to make it clear


Though every magazine and book

May only have a cursory look

I know what all  those pages hold

Needing them all, though some are old


They’re carelessly piled upon the floor

There’s barely room for any more

Among the mess, hide pens and clips

And copious notes on little slips


And maybe there’s a bill or two

That fell there, as the piles grew

And “greetings” that I failed to send . . .

Oh, the piles just never end


I tried to tidy them one time

So, laid aside my current rhyme

And spent the whole darn dreary day

Clipping and filing and putting away


Then lost my sandwich right at noon

I think it’s smelling up this room

But if I search the piles you see

I’ll make a mess, and that can’t be


11/30/06       Phyllis DeWitt -VanVleck

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