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Now that Aunty Lil is old

She does as she would please.

Like wearing dreadful purple clothes,

With hose rolled to her knees.


She wears her hair in bun or braid

Bound with bands of blue.

She wears lace collars on her clothes.

Her slip hangs quite askew.


She scuffs around in slippered feet,

Wrinkled socks and dress.

Her chin is whiskered white and black 

In fact, she looks a mess.


Sometimes she wears a knitted shawl

And old sun-bonnet, too.

I’ve seen her smoke a corn-cob pipe

And cheek a little chew.


But on her wall, in hand carved frame,

I see her long ago

When she was young and beautiful,

Dressed fine, from head to toe.


She bowed to style for 50 years

And is often heard to say,

“I wasted years on foolishness,

And much prefer today.


“Inside, I’m what I’ve always been.

There’s been no change in me.

I’ve just relaxed and put myself

Where I have yearned to be.”


Perhaps I’ll be like Aunty Lil,

(Without the pipe and chew).

When I get old and feel like her,

I’ll roll my socks down, too.


11/04/2000 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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