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Dusty farm lane – field full of grain
House, weathered white – silence at night
Crumbling silo – rooster’s loud crow
Old barn, once red – open plow shed

Faint outhouse trails – broken fence rails
Straight garden rows – voracious crows
Piglets and sow – brown jersey cow
White sway-backed horse – barn cats, of course

Black dog named, Joe – small goat named , Flo
Coop and wire pen – egg layin’ hen
Baby chicks, four – there will be more
A barn-owl, too – mice, quite a few

Land strewn with rocks – tepeed corn shocks
Dented mail box – cat-chasing fox
Ponds that have shrunk – sometimes a skunk
Twisted oak tree – swing hanging free

Fields waiting rain – creek, doing same
There’s good, there’s bad – there’s best crop had
Work hard all day – can’t stop to play
Sometimes crops fail – no milk for pail

Loses and gains – with joys, with pains
Time to let go – Our answer is, NO
More joy than strife – we love this life
Farming’s our way – we’re here to stay

If you’re in doubt – just come on out
Door’s open wide – come on inside
There’s food to share – best anywhere
Tour our old farm – you’ll love its charm

8/8/04 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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