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FITTING THE MOLD?                   


What can be said about aging

That hasn’t been said before …

White hair, balding, and wrinkles,

Age spots and even more.


Canes and walkers and liniment,

Forgetting little things.

Tiring all too quickly, I hear,         

Can be what aging brings.


Yet that is just my body, friend,

My mind is still not old.

Just take a look beyond my frame          

Where I don’t fit that mold.


All I can do, is ignore its grasp —

Old is ten years ahead,

And for each decade that I meet,

The same can still be said.



8/16/05       Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Hank favors grunge in his attire,

But thinks he looks quite fine,

When he adorns his balding head

To hide that blinding shine.


He has an eye for shapely blonds,

But they ignore his charms.

He thought a wig would do the trick,

And bring one to his arms.


But at the picnic yesterday,

Winds lifted Hank’s new curls,

And sailed them midst a bevy of

Curvaceous, pretty girls.


The girls all screamed, and killed the thing!

They thought it was alive,

So stomped it with their dainty feet,

For fear it would survive.


Hank thought he’d die, but grabbed the wig

And plopped it on his head,

But what came next was worse than that,

And turned his face beet red.


A bird that winged high overhead,

White-washed his curly pate.

The girls all laughed. Hank hid the wig

And cursed his luckless fate.



8/30/96 – Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


3′rd … Arkansas NPD – 1996

6′th … Indiana NPD – 2000

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