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Pals – Dog and Cat



A dog and a cat in a thicket sat,

Discussing the time of day.

The cat caught a rat, the dog knocked it flat

And the rat then ran away.


The angry cat spat, “I wanted that!

Can’t you leave my things alone?”

The dog said, “Drat! You’re much too fat!

Next meal, chew on a bone!”


Then the dog lost his hat and blamed the cat,

Which didn’t seem very nice.                            

“Oh, well”, said the cat, “ Just fancy that”

“It’s perfect for storing  mice!”


The dog said, “Old Cat, it’s time for a chat.

I think that we’re even now.

Let’s roll up our mat, and both of us scat,

And remain pals anyhow.”


So stopping the spat, the dog and the cat

Ambled on down the trail.

The dog wore his hat, smashing it flat,

And the mice hung onto his tail.


3/17/00             Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


4’th … Indiana NPD – 2000


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