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Hello all. My name is Sheryl A. VanVleck, and I am the manager of my mother’s poetry blog and I have been very remiss this month, but I have excuses.  We had a tornado.  While the weather service people, or whoever verifies those things, said we did not, by the pattern of destruction in our yard it was a very strong circular wind; no matter what you call it.

The log is now off our roof.  The last of the downed trees are cut up and being stacked and we again have power; which we did not have for four days.  The worse part of that was not having ice or hot water for showers.  We were lucky; our neighbors lost half their roof. 

Then, I had a computer melt down.  So, it’s been one of those months and I apologize to her regular readers for not getting a poem up each day.  She has also missed the comments, which I send to her and she enjoys responding.  So, I will work in the next day or two to get her poems ready and get back into business.

Thank you for your patience.


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