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In the Valley Of The Blue Mist,

Indian spirits can be seen . . .

And sounds from their ancient past

Haunt that world of in-between.


The white man needs to enter there

To see what he has wrought.

And feel the anguish of their souls

His selfish greed has brought.


But only Indians visit there,                                                             

The white man’s not allowed.                                  

It’s he who sent their spirits there,

Under such a heinous cloud,


It’s shameful, but it can’t be changed,

So spirits ever weep,    

For the loss of their Tribal Lands –                            

Whites promised they could keep.                          


1/10/03        Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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            TRAIL OF TEARS


Hear their mournful cries of anguish

Hear the children’s cries of hunger

See the rags of tattered clothing

See the struggles of the dying

Marching slowly from their homeland

Traveling in the worst of winters

Heavy snowfall, wet and blinding

Covering bodies of the fallen

Over hills and through the valleys

Prodded like a herd of cattle

Yielding to this tragic journey

Helpless in their indignation


Hear the prayers that they send soaring

Feel the pain when pride is wounded

See the change in eyes so saddened

Feel their courage slowly flagging

People of the Cherokee nation

Victims of the white man’s power

Forced again into submission

Forced from lands known as tribal

Sixteen thousand relocated

Thousands left in unmarked graves

On a path of degradation

History’s shameful Trail Of Tears


3/14/91                Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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