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I am the Star- Spangled Banner

                I am beautiful and proud

People salute when I pass by

                As I wave above the crowd


I symbolize Patriotism

                Of your great U.S.A.

And reign above your Capitol

                Where I’m displayed every day


I guard government functions

                Grace courts, schools, and halls

I fly high in parks and playgrounds

   And wave above your malls


I waved above your battles

                ‘Til brave soldiers won the wars

And they brought me home in Glory

                To the U.S.A.’s great shores


The history of America

                Is all wrapped up in me

I stand for many freedoms

                I stand for Unity


I am regal in my colors

                For all the world to see

And everywhere that I’m displayed

                I wave majestically


So stand tall when I’m in view

                And hold your head up high

For I’m a banner to respect

                Forever may I fly


8/16/88         Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


4’th … Arkansas NPD 1995

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The laughter of a little child

Timid creatures of the wild

Lilac scent on wafting breeze

And summer shade beneath the trees


A lonesome whistle in the night

From some big train way out of sight

Bright butterflies and lady-bugs

And joy felt from children’s hugs


Birds in all their feathery hues

And poems derived from poignant muse

The gurgling sound of running streams

And magic cast by gold moonbeams


Rainbows after a summer storm

Flower’s beauty as they take form

America’s flag waving on high.

A gentle breeze that seems to sigh.


Rain that cools the heat away

Watching kittens as they play

Frost fronds on my window panes

Long inviting country lanes


Beautiful leaves that drop in fall

So many things, but best of all

A family to love, as they love me

And God, who gave my Soul to me



7/12/99      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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America, you’re beautiful.

You’ve made me fall in love

With scalloped hills and mountain heights

And painted skies above.


You’ve paraded all your splendor

Before my dazzled eyes,

And tethered me tightly to you

With nature’s verdant ties.


God blessed your hills and valleys

Where streams and rivers flow,

Then kissed your beautiful landscape

And made the flowers grow.


Your seasons are spectacular:

Spring blossoms bursting seams,

Summer’s medley of sight and sound,

Fall’s gorgeous color schemes.


And there is winter’s beauty, too,

When snow coats everything.

And trees wear crystal negligees

From nature’s rampant fling.


I am spellbound by your beauty.

It’s etched upon my heart.

A tribute to nature’s eloquence

And the magic it imparts.



8/29/90 – Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck      


5’th … Indiana NPD – 1992

8’th … N F S P S – 2002

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