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The old guitar is silent now

And sits behind the door

It’s strings are loose and out of tune

Not played as once before


He made the instrument he played

With such amazing skill                      

Music filled his home with joy

But now those strings are still


The man that made that guitar sing

Now sits and stares at space

He can’t remember how to play . . .

Confusion clouds his face


Sixty years they were as one

And music filled the air

Then gradually the music slipped

Behind his vacant stare


The old guitar awaits his touch

A touch that’s not to be

Because it’s lost within his mind

Where even he can’t see


3/18/00          Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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The Heart Within Me Stirs



When I was just a little thing,

She’d hold me in her arms and sing.

She led me when I learned to walk

And helped me when I learned to talk.


She helped me dress, and tie my shoes

And made me laugh to chase the blues.

She even joined me as I played

And knelt beside me when I prayed.


She wiped my nose and dried my tears

And nursed my ills throughout the years.

She brushed my hair until it shone

And cared for me ‘til I was grown.


But now she sits and stares at space.

I wash her hands and bathe her face.

I read the lines her eyes can’t see

And help her with a cup of tea.


I help her dress and tie her bows

And take her everywhere she goes.

I comb her wispy silver hair

And give her tender loving care.


She gave such love those years ago,

Bestowing care that helped me grow.

I feel the heart within me, stir;

As I return that care to her.


6/8/97 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

1’st …Indiana NPD 1999


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