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FITTING THE MOLD?                   


What can be said about aging

That hasn’t been said before …

White hair, balding, and wrinkles,

Age spots and even more.


Canes and walkers and liniment,

Forgetting little things.

Tiring all too quickly, I hear,         

Can be what aging brings.


Yet that is just my body, friend,

My mind is still not old.

Just take a look beyond my frame          

Where I don’t fit that mold.


All I can do, is ignore its grasp —

Old is ten years ahead,

And for each decade that I meet,

The same can still be said.



8/16/05       Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Who’s that lady mirrored there

          It surely can’t be me

That’s an old and wrinkled face

          And I feel twenty-three


Look at all that graying hair

          Could that possibly be

It should be a golden brown

          I’m sure it isn’t me


Is that a hair on her chin

          It is, with certainty

Now she dons bifocals

          I know that isn’t me


Then in walks my loving mate

          And he says chidingly

“How ya doin’, Old Gal?”

          DARN! I must admit it’s me


6/3/88         Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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To The End

            TO THE END



Will you still love me when I’m gray

And all my charms have slipped away?

When my big smile’s a dentured grin

And there’s a wattle ‘neath my chin?  

When wrinkles on my face are deep

And I snore loudly while I sleep?

And when my frame gets overweight

Will you remain my loving mate?


Of course, my Dear, I promise you

That I’ll remain, and ever true,

If you’ll accept my balding head

And ice-cold feet when we’re in bed.

If you won’t mind my creaking knees

And all the times I cough and wheeze.

If you’ll accept my slowed-down pace

With rocking chair my favorite place.


I guess that means we’re meant to be

So I’ll love you as you love me.

We’ll face the ravages of time

When we are past what’s called our prime.

No after-shave and perfumed scents

We’ll smell of Vicks and liniments.

With halting steps and balanced-sway,

We’ll lead each other all the way.


And when our road is at the bend,

We’ll have loved each other to the end.


9/20/93        Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


1’st … Miss. CWG 1994

6’th … Indiana NPD 1994




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Will You Be There?



Some time when I am very old

I’ll need your steady hand to hold

When my eyes grow too dim to see

Will you  be there to read to me


When I no longer comb my hair

Would you then  give it needed care

And cream my face as I once did

To keep my aging wrinkles hid


Zippers, buttons, and things to tie

May go undone if I must try

Because the one who once was me

Has been reduced to infancy


So helpless, and I’d wonder why

I can’t do anything I try

So when my eyes are filled with fears

Will you be there to dry my tears


5/27/00   Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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