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The laughter of a little child

Timid creatures of the wild

Lilac scent on wafting breeze

And summer shade beneath the trees


A lonesome whistle in the night

From some big train way out of sight

Bright butterflies and lady-bugs

And joy felt from children’s hugs


Birds in all their feathery hues

And poems derived from poignant muse

The gurgling sound of running streams

And magic cast by gold moonbeams


Rainbows after a summer storm

Flower’s beauty as they take form

America’s flag waving on high.

A gentle breeze that seems to sigh.


Rain that cools the heat away

Watching kittens as they play

Frost fronds on my window panes

Long inviting country lanes


Beautiful leaves that drop in fall

So many things, but best of all

A family to love, as they love me

And God, who gave my Soul to me



7/12/99      Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Twist of Fate



I passed him by the other day,

And sadness made me turn away.

A shapeless lump, once tall and straight,

Reduced to naught by gin and fate.


A paper sack held in his hand,

Inside, a pint of cheapest brand.

He raised the pint to sun-cracked lips

And gulped it down, beard catching drips.


Unshaven face and uncombed hair.

Bloodshot eyes with vacant stare.

Tobacco spittle on his chin.

His shirt held closed by safety pin.


A shapeless coat worn quite awry.

Another pin held shut his fly.

No shoes upon his leathered feet.

His home, a box upon the street.


Unwashed so long, except by rain

From in the gutter where he’d lain.

And when he dozed, a cloud of flies

Investigated nose and eyes.


I could not shake him from my mind

And so to let my thoughts unwind,

Returned to aid him, if I could,

But there was naught where box had stood.


So there’s no chance to change his plight,

For whiskey claimed his life last night.


9/5/92 –  Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck


1’st … Arkansas NPD 1994                                        


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An ageless Ritual



They meet there almost every day

At the courthouse on the square

A group of aging kindred souls

With thinning snow-white hair


With denim shirts and galluses          

Straw hats and high-top shoes

They muse about their yesterdays

And current rural news


Some meet for chess or checker games

And others whittle sticks

Some just doze in the morning sun

Against the crumbling bricks


Tall tales are told and stories swapped

About their years of youth

They solve the world’s problems there

And often stretch the truth


The ritual of their gathering

Is crucial to their day

For they form deep bonds of friendship

As the hours tick away


It’s been the same for many years

This custom that they share

And time hasn’t changed the meetings

At the courthouse on the square



6/7/94 – Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck         


6’th … Indiana NPD 1994

4’th…. Indiana NPD 2002

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It was just one of those mornings

When nothing would go right

The alarm failed to awaken me

And I looked an awful sight


Preparing oranges for some juice

I got a nasty cut

I dropped the eggs, slipped in the mess

And landed on my butt


My slippers flew, the dog grabbed one

And ripped the thing to bits

The toast was burned, the bacon, too

My pancakes were the pits


The newscast promised sunshine

Of course, it’s raining hard

My paper is a soggy mess

Out in my big front yard


My husband peeked around the door

And asked with a grin

“How come you’re up so early, Dear?

It’s your day to sleep in.”



3/9/00 – Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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If I could make the world a poem

There’d be a verse called Peace

And all the hate that’s in the world

Would fade away and cease


And wouldn’t it be wonderful

To have a verse called Share

No hunger, thirst, or suffering

For those in need to bear


If I could make the world a poem

There’d be a verse called Smiles

You’d see no frowns or furrowed brows

For endless happy miles


And wouldn’t everyone approve

To have a verse called Love

For family, friends, and everyone

With blessings from above


If I could make the world a poem

There’d be a verse on Joy

With happiness for young and old

And every girl and boy


The world could be just like a poem

If we could all agree

To unify such attributes

And live in harmony


08/16/95  – Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


1’st … Indiana NPD 1995 

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