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I’d like to write enough to use
Words dancing in my head,
With all the things I have to say –

I’d like to have a million bucks,
And spend it as I thought,
With all the things I’ve wished to buy –

I wish that all delicious food
Would not increase my weight,
With all the things I like to eat –

I wish there was a tape somewhere
When my guitar’s re-strung,
With all the songs I love to sing –

I’d like to break old habits now,
Of writing-trends I’ve kept,
With all the missing hours of sleep –

If I could satisfy my dreams,
I hope I would not gloat,
With all the things I wish to write –

7/21/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

Inspired by Mary Sadler

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When it was over, he came home.

Not marching proudly to cheers.

Not saluting the flag he served

nor waving from an open car.

He came home in a box

draped in the colors of his country,

and his family wept.


Twenty years is but a sip

of life’s sweet nectar . . .

There will never be a wife to hold,

a son to dog his footsteps,

or daughter to ply her wiles on Daddy.


His Mother hadn’t seen him

for two years, and at the services

she wanted to kiss him goodbye,

but knew she could not raise the lid

of his military coffin

sealed thousands of miles from home.

Instead, she asked, “Did they wash his face?”

“Did they place a pillow beneath his head?”


During her final illness

I overheard her speaking softly

to her beloved son.

She passed away, content

in what he had told her,

a smile on her face

as she joined him.



2/18/93        Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


5’th … NFSPS – 2000

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The sumos gave big grins of mirth

Then wrestled for all they were worth

And I wanted to know

The “name” of that show …

It was “The Greatest Show on Girth”


9/4/91         Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Who we are



Some are black and some are brown

Some smile lots and some just frown

Some are yellow and some are white

Some behave, while others fight

Some are short and some are tall

And listen here, that’s not all

Some are fat and some are lean

And some are somewhere in between

Some are young and some are old

Some are loving, and some are cold

Some are industrious, and some are not

Some are stingy – some share a lot

Some are weak and some are strong

Some have short tempers – some have long

Some are honest and some tell lies

Some act stupid – others, wise

This is a picture of Creature Man

A small cog in God’s Great Plan

Here comprising a multitude

But only here for an interlude

He’s given a code of DO’s and DON’Ts

But a free choice of WILLs and WON’Ts

It’s up to him how he chooses to go

And whether or not he’ll spiritually grow

And when his time on earth is o’er

He’ll leave this life for evermore

But if his Soul-growth is done

The game of life will be won


11/15/78               Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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        NO GOD?


Sceptics say “There is no God”

They’re wrong, He’s everywhere

I need but open nature’s door

To see His wonders there


The velvet in a petaled rose

A butterfly’s bright hue

The sun’s warm rays upon my face

And sparkling drops of dew                                                     

A rainbow on a summer day      

A cooling mid-day rain         

Moonlight’s dusky golden glow

On earth’s great counterpane

Snow-capped mountains touching sky

With valley’s down below

An ocean with it’s white capped waves

And streams where willows grow


No God? With all this beauty

How foolish can they be

He’s ever present in our lives

How sad, they cannot see


11/20/99     Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Chiseled by great glacial movement

Etched by mighty winds and rain

Stands a range of distant mountains

Sensual in their pristine grandeur

Cloud cloaked summits hiding faces

From the sting of wind blown snow

Waiting for the sun’s flirtation

Warming respite from the cold

On the slopes are verdant meadows

Crystal streams and waterfalls

Great pine forests full of wildlife

Range for bald and golden eagles

Nestled snugly in the valley

Lies a village ‘neath its slopes

Awed by nature’s supreme sculpture

Humbled ever, at its feet


8/30/91             Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


4’th … NFSPS 1993

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