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A Million Hearts



I only have one heart to give

But what I say, is true,

That if I had a million hearts

I’d give them all to you.


And if you have a heart to give

I hope it goes to me,

Because I love you dearly,

And will eternally.


2/10/91       Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Just a little piece of art work

Consisting of one page,

Made with love by little hands

And faded now from age.

It’s a heart in sketchy contour

Trimmed with bits of lace,

And the words, “I Luv Yu, Mommie.”

Are crayoned on its face.

It hung upon the wall for years

Where it was viewed each day,

But now it’s in a small box

That I have tucked away.

A box that holds the treasures

Made throughout the years —

A daughter’s tokens to her Mom,

That prompt nostalgic tears.

And now there hangs upon the wall

A heart with crimson shine,

That says, “I love you Gram and Gramps” —

Her daughter’s valentine.


2/10/93            Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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I opened up my old scrapbook

And there upon a page

Was a small handmade valentine

From a child of tender age


You may think it isn’t pretty

But beauty’s all I see

For I feel love he placed inside

This little card for me


The color is all faded now

And age has stained the lace

But it brings to mind, memories

Of another time and place


Though the contour is uneven

You can see that it’s a heart

And a wonderful example of

Of a little boy’s art


There’s a shiny nickel inside

He’d found in the yard

It was something that he treasured

But he taped it to the card


The heart is smudged with fingerprints

As fits that youthful role

The penciled words, “I luv yu Mom”

Touch my heart and soul


There were many cards through the years

Worth the price he’d paid

But the best one I ever got

Was the first one that he made


1/27/93          Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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About Cupid’s work

        CUPID’S DART


He saw her standing in the rain,

and something stirred his heart,

could it be Cupid’s dart?

His feelings deep – akin to pain.

Was this pure chance, or fate —

he asked her for a date . . . .

another link in Cupid’s chain.


9/9/04   Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Ninety-two days is an awesome number

Allowing the groundhog winter slumber

On February two, while still in sleep

Someone reached into his den in the deep


They shook him a bit to open his eyes

And what he saw then, was no surprise…

A throng of people, with shadows deep

So they put him back to finish his sleep


Shivering through sleep on those dark cold nights

He requests  for next year, … warm thermal tights


4/18/00    Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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Was the taste of life sweeter

When I was just a kid

I believe there was more pleasure

In the simple things we did


Candy was more delicious

Than today, anywhere

And ice cream was a great treat

Because it was so rare

An orange in our Christmas sock

Was a very tasty treat

All of the oranges since that time

Could never taste as sweet


Toys were very simple then

Of wood, and metal, too

And they were really treasured

Because there were so few

A wooden top and marbles

A simple checker set

A composition baby doll

That didn’t even wet


I don’t recall getting bored

Like children of today

We always made our own fun

When we wished to play

There was Hopscotch and Jump-rope

And, of course, Hide and Seek

A continuous game of “You’re It”

Which carried on all week


Old inner-tubes were treasured

And the source of great fun

When cut into rubber bands

For a handmade wooden gun

There were roller skate scooters

Tin can walking-cleats

And wooden stilts for the brave

All, for childish feats


I’d like to step back in time

And greet it with a smile

Reliving joys of childhood

For just a little while


3/11/89    Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck


2’nd … Indiana NPD 1999

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Christmas evening




It’s Christmas evening  in our farmhouse,           

With myself, children, dog, and my spouse.

The children are playing with their new toys,      

I know they are happy by all the noise.           


While out in the kitchen I toil away                  

At our dinner clean-up, (hugs are my pay).        

I’ll vac the tinsel and cookie crumbs, too,          

Without a complaint,’cause that’s what Moms do.


And I’ll do every chore, from the very start,                  

With happy contentment and song in my heart.   

For today we’re together – God’s blessed us all,   

And these are our treasures for later recall.            


Good food and warmth, and smiles on each face,   

Make me grateful to God for His infinite Grace.  

And the thing I like best, when all’s said and done, 

Is love, from Heaven, in the gift of His Son.   



12/17/94               Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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