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For a ‘lost’ angel


Who’s the little darling
Swathed in pale pink
Why, it’s Grandma’s latest treasure
An Angel, I think

Well, perhaps not an Angel
But, she sure is sweet
Cute as a button
And very petite

With her crooked grin
And that look of surprise
We’re all of one opinion
She’s quite a little prize

10/20/68 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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She’s Grandma’s little darling
And cute as she can be
A very special little girl
On that we all agree

Perhaps I’m somewhat prejudice
‘Cause that’s how Grandmas are
I think she’s sweet and wonderful
And our family’s latest star

There’s a simple explanation
And a nice revealing key . . .
She’s everything the books say
A little girl should be

She loves to look feminine
In ribbons, lace, and bows
She’s a real little lady
From her head to her toes

She’s coy and she’s impish
Yet, that dear angelic face
Is a clue to her sweetness
And to her charm and grace

She’s giggles and good humor
She’s all hugs and kisses
She’s bouncy blond pony-tail
With charm that never misses

She’s a precious little sweetheart
And I can promise this –
She’s blessed us with her presence
Like Heaven’s sweetest kiss

4/3/77 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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There she reigns, with dignity
Atop our Christmas tree
The place of honor that’s been hers
Since 1943

And as I stand and gaze at her
The years just fade away
As the precious gift of memory
Recalls my yesterday

I see the mounting excitement
As the children gather near
While we make preparations for
The best time of the year

The tree, in nature’s beauty
Stands with outstretched arms
As little hands adorn her
With pretty man-made charms

And when it’s finally gifted
With tinsel, lights, and snow
It awaits the final treasure
Our Angel’s special glow

And so the Angel’s taken
And is handed up to me
For the childrens’ arms cannot reach
The tip-top of the tree

As I place her gently on the top
And Dad plugs in the light
The joy I see in the childrens’ eyes
Is such a lovely sight

And now, it is the present
The years have flown so fast
But our Angel is still with us
A token from the past

Her wings are bent a little
And dust has grayed her hair
Her gown is somewhat soiled and frayed
But still, she hovers there

Signature’s Of Love, I call
The smudges on her face
They were placed there by the children
Before I put her in her place

Her halo may have slipped a bit
But casts its golden glow
Down through the laden branches
Onto the ones below

And when it’s time to take her down
She’s packed away with care
For as long as we shall have a tree
Our Angel must be there

12/17/71 Phyllis DeWitt VanVleck

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(for Johnny, on the birth of Matt)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Baby needs a “big brother”
One exactly like you
To protect him and teach him
And show him things to do

Your Mom and Dad will need you, too
They are proud of their fine son
They love you just as much as Matt
Because you’re their # 1

Babies can’t tell you where they hurt
Or when they need to eat
So they cry, to let their Mom know
That there are needs she must meet

Babies get lots of attention
Which sometimes seems unfair
But when you were tiny like baby Matt
You had the same loving care

You will always be loved dearly
By parents, and others, too
No one can ever “take your place”
I promise you, it’s true

9/22/88 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Halloween has changed a lot
Since Grandpa was a lad.
The things they did way back then
Were really pretty bad.

On Halloween, he and friends
Played their usual pranks,
Like toppling wooden structures
And emptying cattle tanks.

They loved to pick on poor old Slim,
And did so without fear.
Eventually came their last time,
For it was Slim’s big year.

They slipped into his darkened yard,
All quiet as a mouse,
And putting shoulders to the wood,
They toppled his outhouse

The boys were devastated —
They smelled like they had died,
For Slim had slathered its contents
On the toilet’s wooden hide.

8/25/05 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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Lesson Learned


Each time Bengy went to town
He stole something small
He thought he was quite clever
But that isn’t all . . .

He’d say, “It doesn’t matter
Because everyone knows
The store won’t even miss it
Since they have lots of those”

But Bengy learned a lesson
And I’m sure he learned it well
For someone finally stole from him
And you should have heard him yell

You see, he had some treasures
(A model car collection)
And it took much time and money
For each prized selection

But someone just like Bengy
With the same point of view
Said, “He has so many small cars
He won’t miss a few”

So he stole some favored models
Which Bengy thought a sin
He thought it mean and quite unfair
That someone stole from him

Then Bengy remembered wise words
He’d heard from his mother
That it’s always wrong to take things
That belong to another

So he promised he would nurture
Those seeds his Mom had sown
And never again as years passed by
Take what was not his own

4/13/81 Phyllis DeWitt-VanVleck

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