I have a love of rhyming poetry and am an active poet. When my husband and I retired, we moved from Indiana to Arkansas, where I served as President of The Baxter Poets, of Baxter County, Arkansas for several years. My work has been published in numerous anthologies, newspapers and magazines. I was born to a family of six children in northern Indiana. My father played the fiddle, to supplement our income. For a time, he played on a Hammond radio station as "Grandpa DeWitt and the Pumpkin Huskers." The whole family got into the act with the girls singing and my brothers playing instruments. My husband and I raised three children in Northern Indiana. Daughter, Evelyn Louise Hrusovszky, has retired to Arizona. Daughter, Sheryl Adair VanVleck-Wells, currently has an artist's studio in Brown County, Indiana. My son, David Merle VanVleck, passed away in 1990 of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. We all miss him very much. When my husband passed away, I moved in with my daughter in Wyoming and live again in Indiana. I still miss the beauty of Arkansas.

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